A 21st-century tale of high-tech espionage from award-winning actor Flex Alexander!

David Joshua is a computer-hacker-for-hire who specializes in "equalizing" the world for working people -- he erases student loans, parking tickets, and unfair tax debts. Despite his notions of being a modern "Robin Hood," David wants to get out of the game and go legit by marrying his girlfriend and making his family proud of his life choices. But during one of his final hacking gigs, David stumbles across a hidden IRS database that reveals a conspiracy to trigger World War III. Suddenly, his accounts are frozen, his girlfriend hates him, and there's literally no one who will take David at face value. His world shattered, David can only trust two things: his laptop, and a sarcastic FBI agent while on the run from a spec-ops strike team whose orders are to "kill on sight." 
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Flex Alexander's The Joshua Run

by Flex Alexander and Brandon Easton, illo. by Ani Ghosh   |  Pages: 100   |   Format: e-Book   |   SRP: $14.99   |   Publisher: Lion Forge Comics   |   Pub Date: September 30, 2015   |   ISBN: 978-1-941302-11-8

Flex Alexander

Flex Alexander is an award-winning actor, known for TV shows and movies such as One on One, Girlfriends, Snakes on a Plane, and the current reality series Flex & Shanice. He starred in several TV sitcoms before creating One on One, netting three NAACP Image Award nominations and two BET Comedy Award nominations. JOSHUA RUN is his first book.

Brandon Easton

Brandon M. Easton is an Eisner Award-nominated writer, screenwriter, and educator who currently writes for the primetime television series, Marvel’s Agent Carter. He also wrote the 2012 reboot of the classic animated series ThunderCats and Transformers: Rescue Bots. His work on the comic book series Watson and Holmes won Glyph Awards for “Story of the Year,” “Best Writer,” and the Fan Award. 

Ani Ghosh

Ani Ghosh is a painter, illustrator, and storyteller based in Calcutta India.  His striking images and unique paint style has garnered his projects attention across comics, animation, and print.
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